Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kick off Fall with a Coupon Promotion

Give Your Audience a Special Discount as Motivation to Purchase

All of us who shop online know that special promotions and coupons can motivate us to buy. If you've never offered your audience a discount to encourage them to try one of your own products, you might be surprised by the strong response you get. Here at iAmplify our aim is to provide you with the tools and information you need to grow your online business, and as part of that effort we'll be providing you with regular promotions you can use to generate a strong call to action for your audience.

This month, we're offering you a 20% off coupon to promote to your audience. The coupon code is:


All your customers need to do is enter the code at checkout to receive 20% off their order of downloadable products. You can distribute it to your audience through an email to your list; through posting on your website; or even through your search campaigns.

No matter how you share the good news with your customers, don't forget to offer them a clear idea of the specific benefits they'll receive by taking action now: for example, Save 20% When You Buy Today, or Start Losing Weight Now!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to Position Your Products to Sell Themselves

Create Compelling Product Titles, Product Descriptions and Audio and Video Previews

You might have the most amazing audio or video download out there, but if you don't introduce your product in a compelling way, people won't find it and chances are they probably won't buy it. This is especially true if people have never heard of you. With this in mind, we wanted to give you some tips that will help you create compelling product titles, descriptions and audio or video previews.


  • The first thing you should do before anything else is to study your competition. Who is selling similar content? This is one of the best ways to get ideas about how to market your products. Look at their product titles and descriptions. Check out their product previews if any exist. You might even want to buy their product. Find out what differentiates you from your competition and what added value you have to offer your potential customer.

  • Then you should think about who your ideal customer is. What type of person is likely to be interested in your product? How might you appeal to the needs and desires of that customer? Think about why these customers might buy from you instead of buying from your competition. Create a unique value proposition. What benefits and features will you provide that your customers will value most?

Product Title

  • Once you've done your research you can use this information to inform your product title, product description and preview sample.

  • Your title must not only describe the product itself, but it should also include keywords that a potential customer might search for. Use Google's free keyword tool to research popular terms. Enter keywords you think describe your product best and this tool will give you a list of similar keywords along with their search volume. It also gives you an indication of how much competition there is for those keywords. Your product title should be unique but also include some targeted keywords where you may have a chance to rank well in the search engines.

  • Your title should be short and concise: Steer clear of lengthy titles

Product Description

  • Your product description should start out with the main benefit or benefits of what you are selling. This could be in the form of bullet points or a splash heading. It should answer the question "how will this product improve my life?"

  • The rest of the description should be the psychological link between the promise in the bullets or headline and the product. This is where you describe the content of your product in fuller detail with supporting details of the promise you made in the headline

  • Use the targeted keyword you decided upon for your title and repeat strategically in your description. You should repeat this keyword 2-4 times without sounding repetitive. This will help your product show up in search engines for the keyword you would like to target.

  • Include a call to action. The best product descriptions always ask for a sale. Be creative and encourage the potential customer to purchase your product by telling them exactly how to do it.

Audio or Video Preview

  • Your audio and video preview can be the most important persuader to whether people buy your product. It should immediately draw your potential customer's attention and should leave them wanting more.

  • Create an emotional connection with your potential customer. This preview should also answer the question "How will this improve my life?"

  • We usually suggest making the clip 2-4 minutes, but we've seen great success with longer samples recently. These samples are in the 5-10 minute range. The length of the sample depends on the category of your product and the length of your product

  • Gary Null's video preview of The Law of Attraction is a great example of an emotionally compelling sample

Check out this great article from Copy Blogger: Sell with Words Copy Blogger is a great marketing reference for anything having to do with writing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Marketing Tip of the Week: Get Linked!

Did you know that you earn an extra 30% of every sale when a customer buys your products from your website? That's 70% or seven of every 10 dollars!

Linking up is easy and we have put together a handy guide which walks you through the process. You can access it here. There are also some great tips about how to optimize the placement of your products as well, so check it out even if you're already selling your products through your website using iAmplify.

Our partner Pure Classical Pilates made their downloads available on their website and saw their sales increase significantly!

If you have any questions about getting linked up, email us at

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Twitter Tutorial

This is our fifth post in our blog and social media tutorial series. This tutorial is about Twitter, the "micro-blogging" platform that has become quite popular in the past few months.

Twitter’s “micro-blogging” interface is perfect for transmitting tips, quick thoughts, updates and links. When you have something quick that you want to tell or show people, try messaging it through Twitter.

You can sign up for Twitter at:

Sign up under your own name or a catchy name which means something to your business. Be sure to capture your name while it's still available!

Next, fill out your personal profile. Here you can add your location, your website and a short bio about yourself. You can also upload a photo of yourself and pick a background design from Twitter's design templates. If you prefer, you can download your own custom design template.

Then Twitter will ask to search your email addresses to find people you know who are already on Twitter or who you might like to invite to sign up to Twitter. You should encourage your followers to sign up for a twitter account so they can get updated news and offers in a timely manner. Once you have connected with people on your own list, you can also search for like minded people on Twitter and follow them. It is an acceptable practice to follow people you do not know and often, once you follow them, they will also follow you.

Try searching for keywords that are important to your business, like self help or fitness and you will find other people who mention these keywords in their posts. You can search for keywords through Twitter search.

Now, it's time to post. Actually, it's better to post a few "tweets" before you follow people you don't know so they can see a sample of what you are going to post. There are quite a few spammers on Twitter so people are starting to get suspicious of people who don't have a lot of details filled out in their profile or people who post the same thing over and over.

To post on Twitter follow the instructions below:

1. Log into your account at:
2. Type in “What you’re doing” in 140 characters or less, and you’re all set.

Twitter is a great place to let people know what you’re up to. You can tell your followers what you’re working on, what you’ve just completed, or offer a link to your website or iAmplify product page.

One great thing to remember is that you can paste your affiliate links directly into your Twitter post, and they will be tracked through the iAmplify Affiliate Program. Follow the directions on how to pull your affiliate tracking link from your affiliate text link html code in our WordPress Tutorial. You can shorten your links by using a tinyurl service. This is especially helpful since you can only use 140 characters when posting.

Check out this "Ultimate Guide to Everything Twitter" to get more in-depth details about using Twitter.

Here's another great post about finding followers on Twitter:

This post is a case study on how Twitter drives sales:

And don't forget to follow us on twitter @iAmplify!